Em Dash Love was years in the making. A little thought here, a dream there...though it always felt too daunting and would get pushed aside. Always questioning myself where would I find the time to create meaningful designs while working, doing the mom thing, AND all of the other crazy things life throws at you?

Well, unemployment over the summer of 2018 changed things a bit. (Let's just say even giraffes can't seem to avoid corporate greed.) I decided a few months into unemployment to go back to school to receive a Master of Social Work. I know, I know, design ≠ social work? Long story short it has been a dream of mine to work with people facing co-occurring mental health issues and addiction for quite some time, but the comfortability of a corporate job and paycheck held me back from pursuing it. That summer spent with my daughter and the people I love the most pushed me to pursue this degree even if it seemed like a mountain of time, energy, and dedication - which it is.

A couple of unfulfilling jobs later and all of a sudden 2020 gets flipped upside-down (in case you hadn't noticed). I no longer cared about comfortability, it was time to do more. Do more in my community, do more in my life, do more for my own mental health, and do more of what I love - helping others AND design (plus giving my daughter so many hugs she has started rationing me). So, here I am, at your service to help you create branding that speaks to you. There are no "just another icon that gets the point across" here. Instead, you will have something you look at and know this is your passion, your business, your brand, captured visually with beautiful simplicity. 


-Em Dash Love