I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date...

Ready to fall down the rabbit hole? I am, come along for the ride.

Take my hand and allow me to explain how the logo for Em Dash Love came to be.

The Idea: Start my own business building logos and promotional materials for friends and friends of friends.

The Name: Em Dash Love. 'Em' is the short nickname of my daughters name. 'Em Dash' – I’m a typography nerd – is an underappreciated dash option (I love it almost as much as the oxford comma). 'Love' well because it can be read as Em-Love linking my daughter with the word love.

The Original Logo: This should really be considered a sketch phase logo. It was a patch and the symbol of a dream. Something that stayed on my desktop as a reminder to go back to the idea.


(Insert a couple of years, a plan put in motion for an eventual dramatic career shift, and a pandemic coupled with a total crisis of purpose.)


Mission Statement:

Em Dash Love aims to help small businesses (and/or non-profits) create their own brand voice and visual identity through logos, web presence and printed marketing materials. 

The New Logo:

The idea was literally a sketch in a notebook that came to me while contemplating what my next career move was. I then started my vector design process - I went straight to The Noun Project in search of icons. I challenge you to try this exercise yourself! Enter what you love about doing what you do or symbols that you connect with yourself, your personality, who you are into The Noun Project. They have an unbelievable amount of icons. This is where the page title stems from; fall down the rabbit hole, Alice. Look for elements and shapes that speak to you - engage with your logo design. For me that lead to hearts; small and large together symbolizing mother and child, and the calla lily. I am not sure how or why I came to love calla lilies so much, but I do. They are simple, they grow in upon themselves, almost protective instead of splaying out like most other flowers, and I connect to them.

The build (including color pallet):

It went through a few different petal shapes and an overall proportional realignment but the build was easier than i feared. I had really thought it out prior to jumping into Illustrator.


The getting there/almost done (enough to send pictures to my husband):

I still had some tweaks to make at this point but I was so excited that I sent a terrible picture-of-laptop-screen over text to my favorite librarian. 


The horror of picking a typeface:

Argesta, Restora, Barcelony, Colus, Cervanttis, Kenfolg, Briberra, Olegos, Mother Letters...

The truth is do not follow me down this rabbit hole. I am 110% obsessive about font choice. I found mine, I will find yours, but I will look through an obscene amount before making a final decision.


The Final Product:


A horizontal version, a square version, and one of the large flower with no text (to be used as an icon/favicon) were created/saved. All stemming (pun intended) from the original base flower. More versions are in the works for one-color uses, etc. 


I can not stress enough how important digging deep within yourself to connect to your brand, your mission, and your dreams is to you/me/us creating something that looks and feels like your overall aesthetic and your first visual impression to a future customer.

The door mouse has spoken. You may return to your natural state of consciousness now. Feed your head.

noun_Calla Lily_195259.png



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